laughter and lies

hands held in the sun
back when the heat felt harmless
and nothing burned me

everything shined and
I was immune to doubt and
to reality

when I left I knew it was
the only thing I could do
because in truth
the laughter and lies had never been separate

looking back now, as if in a dream
I see the heat of that shining sun it gleams
and makes it all shimmer
like something precious

pale pink

Princess fingers, he said to me, and took them in between his own, long and lean. Breathing in the shimmering heat, I offered him my need, held it up, soft and gleaming. I didn’t see where he put it and I couldn’t hear it scream, couldn’t feel it over my own heart beating as I leaned in. Sirens wailing silent screams, muffled between our palms, warning me. But pale pink princess fingers don’t let go.