note to the reader

You may have noticed that my posts are not about one person, but many. Some appear once, some a handful of times, others far more than the rest. For the sake of organization, I’ve given my main post subjects designated body parts that pertain to them in some way. These titles can be found in the categories section. There, you can click on any of them and and it will take you to a comprehensive list of the posts that I’ve written so far about the person with that designated title.

The categories mind and heart pertain to posts that are thoughts and feelings not directed to anyone in particular. Breath is reserved for those one-or-two-time post subjects that were here and then gone and not important enough to earn a body part denomination.

Keep in mind that none of my posts are in chronological order. My mind doesn’t work in a linear fashion; it’s not the way my memories have catalogued themselves and therefore not the way I’ll portray them. Also, tense is no indication of where a post fits chronologically, it’s just a reflection of my feelings about that moment or that event or that person. A post written in present tense does not mean it’s current, and a post written in past tense doesn’t mean it’s passed. What I post depends on many things, but logic and order are not among them. And really, it’s better that way. You’d get bored reading one story from beginning to end and I’d get bored writing it.

That said, if you’d like to take each post individually and disregard this whole attempt at organization, then feel free to ignore the categories and the bigger picture and take it all moment by moment.

And above all else, enjoy.

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